Friday, 13 July 2012

Tribute to artist Jennifer Lewis

When a good friend and colleague passes it’s wise to take some time to reflect.
To remember the times you shared and the moments that gave value to the friendship you had with them.

In this time our thoughts lie with the artist “Jennifer Lewis”. We would like to acknowledge the contribution she made to the Black Arts and the wider arts community. Jennifer was small in stature but in no means was her size a reflection of the influence and legacy she left.

Those close to her and who had the privilege of working with her knew of her warm enigmatic personality. You would also come to know that this beautiful soul came with a gift that was a unique and a special complete God given gift.

Through her work we saw the beauty she saw in life and in the world in which we live. She shared with us her own inner world and insight, blessing the many diverse audiences with every creation she made. Regardless of the form it entered into this world, her work would somehow remind us of how blessed we are.

Jennifer was very private on her thoughts on spiritual matters. But it is evident in her drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewellery designs, occasional indulgences in fashion and animation, that a deep spiritual energy is always present.

Working with different cultures in our community over an impressive career despite the barriers she faced as a Black Woman artist, she always had a determination and professionalism that very few could rival. With this determination she moved effortlessly, as if by second nature, from one medium to another creating astounding works of art for one who chose unconventional training routes. She came with such talent that gave her the skill and techniques needed to over-come the problems she faced in the different projects she took part in regardless of the discipline.

In the time she spent with us we all can smile in the memories we have of her. Let us celebrate an inspirational life, artist and the works left by this wonderful woman.

God bless you Jennifer our dear friend and colleague.

Alvin Kofi (artist)