Monday, 23 May 2011

Creativity in abundance at African Art Workshop

It was an opportunity for people to develop their creativity like their African ancestors and look within themselves and the 'land' for inspiration”, was how one participant attending the inaugural event by Better than Good, A Cultural & Spiritual Expression, described our art's workshop at London South Bank University on Saturday 14 May 2011.

Alexandra Galleries newly formed collaboration with Kofi Arts and Yahw Arts, Better than Good, got off to a flying start with a one day art's workshop introducing spiritual expression and customs of African culture. Delegates were challenged to design and create a 3D sculpture using natural materials to convey their understanding of the intricate and sacred spiritual relationship African Art has with nature.

Although some expressed a degree of nervousness, especially having not participated in an art's workshop before, everyone rose to the challenge.

After dividing delegates into small groups, artist’s Alvin Kofi and Ken McCalla looked on as each groups discussed the concepts and formulated their ideas before working on their constructions.

Not only were the final group sculptures amazing in their own right but when asked to describe their work individuals, some with no previous art background, were able to demonstrate their understanding of the concept of spirituality in African art and articulate their inner journey of expression.

Sculptor, Fowokan George Kelly rounded up the day by giving a rare insight into the mystical world presented in African art and later accompanied Kofi viewing each group’s contribution and offering the wise observation of a master artist.

“Saturday's workshop was excellent. I loved the process of creating, meeting new people and listening to a few words from Fowokan. Looking forward to more events like this”, said Project Manager Marcia.

Fowokan, his life and work, is being celebrated by Better than Good with a series of three events culminating in the launch of a limited edition set of prints. This final event in the trilogy will take place on Thursday 2 June between 8.00 – 9.30pm at the New Veranda Restaurant, 30 Acre Lane Brixton SW2. For more details contact Clem Richards on 07802486191. Admission is Free.